Haunted Library for Halloween

C’est Halloween, on voit pousser des pumpkins pas encore smashées un peu partout, et aussi dans les bibliothèques!

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Et comme cette année, la fête tombe exceptionnellement pendant le week-end, pourquoi ne pas danser un peu sur quelques freaky melodies ? (classées bien entendu par ordre alphabétique, et ne m’ennuyez pas avec les articles ou les prénoms, that’s my style, et on n’appelle pas les gens Zombie, Rob.)


Alkaline Trio ‘Over at the Frankenstein Place’

Anthrax ‘Belly of the beast’

Bad Brains ‘Fearless Vampire Killers’

Bikini Kill ‘Alien She’

Björk/Plaid ‘Lilith’

Black Sabbath ‘After all (the Dead)’

Daniel Johnston ‘Casper the friendly ghost’

Dead Kennedys ‘Halloween’

Dee Dee Ramone ‘Making monsters for my friends’

Dio ‘Killing the Dragon’

Eels ‘My beloved monster’

Ella Fitzgerald ‘Ding Dong! The witch is dead’

Elton John ‘Love is a cannibal’

Elvis Costello ‘Spooky girlfriend’

Elvis Presley ‘Devil in disguise’

Fela Kuti ‘Zombie’

Fleetwood Mac ‘Rhiannon’

Flogging Molly ‘Devil’s dance floor’

Goblin ‘Suspiria Theme’

Guided by Voices ‘Cut out witch’

Guttermouth ‘Ghost’

Iron Maiden ‘The apparition’

Kiss ‘Freak’

Lagwagon ‘Alien 8’

Marianne Faithfull ‘Witches’ song’

Me first and the Gimme Gimmes ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

Metallica ‘The thing that should not be’

Ministry ‘Everyday is Halloween’

The Misfits ‘Halloween’

Modest Mouse ‘3 inch horses, two faced monster’

The Muffs ‘Red eyed troll’

New York Dolls ‘Frankenstein

Nine Inch Nails ‘Ghosts 1-I’

Ozzy Osbourne ‘Bark at the Moon’

The Pogues ‘Fairytale of New York’

Police ‘Spirits in the material world’

Quasi ‘The skeleton’

Rancid ‘Skull city’

Rob Zombie ‘Dragula’

Robots in disguise ‘Voodoo’

Shellac ‘Ghosts’

Siouxsie and the Banshees ‘Halloween’

SNFU ‘Voodoo doll collector’

Social Distortion ‘Mommy’s little monster’

Sonic Youth ‘Satan is boring’

The Specials ‘Ghost Town’

Stephen Malkmus ‘Witch Mountain bridge’

Suzi Quatro ‘Mind Demons’

Thin Lizzy ‘Banshee’

Thurston Moore ‘Wonderful witches’

Tom Petty ‘Zombie zoo’

The Vandals ‘Designed by Satan’